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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

By Jove, I think she's got it

Over the weekend we had a break through! Gram has finally got the idea of the lighter shoulder. It only took living in Renvers for a week. Our lesson on Sunday was finally one where I walked away feeling good. We were able to work a bit with baby half pass, simple changes in the canter across the diagonal, leg yield, medium trot, medium canter and still managed to stay light. It was a great feeling. I need to remember to stop chasing her. She tends to start running before she falls apart. We had an inside joke going. My lesson on Thursday Ryan would say "right leg...Right leg, RIGHT LEG!" so we of course made fun. Well Sunday instead of right leg I got "she's running, She's Running, SHE'S RUNNING". Always in threes! Gotta love Ryan.

So the other thing that I have gotten quite sloppy about is the riding to the letters. Boy, did I get an earful from Ryan on that. He would call out, HXF medium trot... I would ride, H to P. He would yell "That is not F!" Ride to the letter, so I would try again, he would yell when I was not lined up to X, he said I would then re-route to ride towards the correct letter. I am still not sure about that. :)

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