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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wishing I was a Young Rider again

Normally I try to use this blog to remember my training tidbits, but today I feel the need to get some venting out about the dreaded packing for a show. Last year I entered the world of horse shows in a whole new way than ever before. When I was growing up if school was still in session for the first couple of shows, I remember going to class, and then my parents picking my up with everything packed including the horse right from the main door of the high school. One time in particular, we were headed to the Washington International CDI. I wasn't worried I was excited. I shared the warm up with the likes of Robert Dover, Debbie McDonald and Michael Poulin- Heck I was competing against Michael's daughter, Gwen Poulin among others that are now in the rankings at GP. My point is, I would just jump in the truck, knowing that everything was there... well now I know what all my mother went through to stay organized and make sure that nothing was forgotten. Now I am the one that has to pack for me, Gram, Zion, Turi- luckily Donnie can manage to pack himself! Normally Mondays are my day of rest. The barn is closed, so I eat dinner with my husband (which is pretty much the only day of the work week that happens). Instead of relaxing last night, I was tearing my condo apart in search of my stock tie pin, doing laundry and making sure I had all my show clothes sparkling white. I was up until 12:30. So this morning, I woke up with a new found appreciation for my mother- sorry mom I know I am about 30 years late with this, but OMG how did you do this and stay sane???!!!

I felt like the more I tried to organize things, the more disorganized I felt... I wrote a list, and only got the show clothes packed, sans the stock tie pin, which I will still work on finding because I hate all the others! I actually think it might be in purse, from trying to use it with a scarf or something. I will try again tonight after the barn... and hopefully I will have a happy update on the lesson and the success of finding my pin.

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