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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Renvers Right

I have been neglecting the blog a bit lately. So to catch up on what we have been working on I can pretty much sum things up with one word- Renvers!

To help with the suddenly heavy Gram, Ryan has been having us work Renvers. Over the weekend a light bulb went off for me. I have been getting on with "guns blazing" ready to make her light in the shoulder and higher in the pole. Well, she is a mare, I should have known better and created a problem for myself. I am pretty sure that this was my doing. Sure she was probably sore one day, and I pushed to hard, but instead of relaxing I tried to force it. Well last night the light bulb went off for us both. After starting tight, after about 15 minutes, she was back to normal. Now I just have to make sure I don't get back into it with her.

As I mentioned we have been spending a majority of our time practicing renvers. Last night our lesson gave us some great exercises: On the circle to the left, renvers right until she gives, then slowly take her back to true bend. Canter and then trot landing into renvers. Hard , but helpful. Then he added a couple of elements once she was giving in the base of her neck and jaw. Center line, renvers then baby half-pass back to renvers and continue until out of room :). This was a great exercise for her. She actually buckled down and enjoyed the challenge!

So tonight I will be doing bits of the same, to prepare for my lesson on Thursday. the great news is that both Zion and Gram will head to Silverwood in June. Gram will debut at first level. Zion will debut at training level test 1 with Ryan. And the best part- the Dressage Queens will be re-united :)


  1. I love your blog! I will follow your journey even though I get to see you at the barn. I don't know anything about posting comments so this might be strange. . . you and Donnie (and Tury) are the best!!


  2. Thanks Nita! I am glad you like the blog. I am new to this too! This is my way of not forgetting what I am learning :)