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Monday, June 14, 2010

Silverwood June Showshow Re-cap with videos

It was an eventful weekend at Silverwood! Zion got to attend his first horse show, and Gram got to show off that she is now a veteran.

We arrived to the show after about an hour of coaxing Zion to get into the trailer. Thursday was a schooling day, and all was well with Gram- Zion had to be lunged and he screamed the entire time- pretty much sums up his weekend. He probably doesn't have any voice left today!

Gram and I had great results at our first time out at First level. We tried new things this time around- we showed all the tests: Friday was First Level Test 1 68%, Saturday was our first time showing two classes in a day First Level Test 2 65.5% and First Level Test 3 70% we ended with First Level test 4 on Sunday with a 68%. I was so proud of my big mare. She really gets it, and I think was happy to be more challenged in the arena this year. We still need to improve, but I am excited about the progress she has made in just one year.

Here are the videos:

Zion's performance was similar to Gram in her first year- Terrified. He didn't bolt or do anything as naughty as Gram, but he did scream...a lot! He showed Training Level Test 1 with Ryan- His test marks looked something like this: 6, 4, 8, 4... and so on. The Judges remarks made me laugh "Horse seems very (underlined) green, but with training could be a very nice prospect." All true. He is very pretty and very flashy, when he is able to focus and pay attention. Not bad after just 35 days of training with Ryan and after being held back in Kindergarten.

The weekend overall was a success. I am excited to refine the tests with Gram, and really get a good idea for what Zion is capable of doing. He is very immature, and will probably always be this way. He is sweet and handsome, but not the sharpest crayon in the box.


  1. I think Z is just messing with you and letting you think he's not sharp. I'm sure after his first year of learning what he's supposed to be doing he'll be a fancy horse.