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Monday, June 7, 2010

First Level Test Four- bum bum bummmm

I had my Ryan lesson on Sunday, which made the reality of showing next weekend set in for me! After a pretty good warm-up Ryan asked us to run throw First Level Test Four. I was nervous... I had looked at the test, and have been practicing my leg yields, but there is something scarey about actually having to make it all the way from X to the rail with a big mare!!! To my surprise we were able to make it, I don't think it was pretty, but gosh darn it we got the idea that there was forward and side ways! I was such a proud momma. Medium canter is coming along nicely too. I just have to remember that my 6 year old mare is not a young rider horse- no going for broke! It will be interesting to see how the medium canter pans out for us in an outdoor with no wall to protect us! We might be Hi- Ho- Silver away! Our stretchy trot is pretty horrid, so too bad that this has a coeffiecient, I will have to make up for that elsewhere I guess! Overall, our first time running through the test wasn't that bad. If I can pull a mid 60 out of them this weekend, I will be pretty happy. In order sad news, for the first time, since I have owned it, I do not think I will be able to figure out a way to get my beast of a tack trunk to the show :(. I am sure I will figure something out, but it is sad for me... The unexpected arrival of the baby Z has really thrown a wrench into my truck and trailer plans. My truck could handle Gram and tack just fine... but two giant horses and I think my truck might explode!

I am getting the butterfly nerves right now, and of course managed to get a stuffed up nose since yesterday :( I am hoping it is allergies, but since it has been raining I am doubting that! So I will be packing tonight, have a lesson tomorrow, then bathing the horses and packing the trailer on Wednesday. Leaving Thursday morning- and I hope that both babies will walk right in!

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