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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My new sofa saddle

I had my first couple of rides in my new saddle, and so far I love it. It literally feels like a sofa. It is soft and fits me well, and it hasn't been fitted yet. The only obvious problems that I see are: 1. I need to shorten my stirrups one hole and 2. It is a smidgen big for Gramarye right now. Good thing is that Natalie the Schleese saddle fitter will be at Lamplight at the end of July. Hopefully she will think the saddle is good and will work for my giant mare. The training rides this week have been more about me getting used to the saddle and less about Gram. So I do not have much of an update for that yet. However, I do have my Ryan lesson tonight, so I should have an update tomorrow. Hopefully, he will think that my seat isn't too bad. I have included a couple of fun videos:

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