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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lighter shoulder- no horse diving please

Our lesson this week was focused again on getting Gram lighter in her shoulder and engaging her hind end more. This means she is not allowed to dive down in transitions. The lesson wasn't super high intensity, but I guess they cannot be all the time. I am working on getting my leg a bit quicker. The important exercise that we used was the following:
Walk, nice and collected- when needed engage the inside hind by asking for a couple steps of turn on the forehand. Once the walk is good, meaning active and no locking in under her neck or jaw and NO DIVING, ask for a trot. Slow is OK so long as she doesn't dive. If she dives, wait until she gives and then walk and repeat. If she is good at the slower trot, start to ask for a bigger trot maintaining the lightness. Same thing goes for the canter. It is all about making her and keeping her light.

Ryan said Zion was a bit distracted. He was very looky. Which makes sense since he is now getting comfortable, he notices what is different.

In other good news we will be bringing both Zion and Gramarye to the first Silverwood show. It is still yet to be determined who will ride Zion. The non-compete fee is the same as riding in one class, so we will sign Zi up for a ride on Sunday and school the rest of the days...

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