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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Under the weather

My Grammy bear is a bit under the weather this week. Sunday I had a great lesson with Ryan. He didn't kick me off the horse, so I thought that was a good sign. Sunday evening, I was at home cooking dinner (a yummy meatloaf and scalloped potatoes), when my phone rang. It was the barn owner telling me that Gram was lethargic, not eating and had an elevated temperature of 101. Gram's normal body temperature is about 98 degrees- which is low. Gram is also 17.1 hand mare, so food if of the utmost importance to her! Then barn owner knows this and took the appropriate steps. It is funny, because I have always told them, I would prefer to be the last one to know. First call to vet explain symptoms, then give treatment suggested by vet (most of the time Banamine), then call me to tell me what steps were taken and if I need to hop in the car and camp out at the barn to monitor. For me, I would rather them catch a colic, try to stop then call me. Her health is more important to me than being in the "know". They did everything listed above, monitored her and her temp was down to 99 one hour later and she started to munch again. The vet didn't think she was colicing, just not feeling well perhaps a cold.

I came out to the barn after work yesterday. Gram looked good. She was alert, munching on bits of hay and happy to see me. I brought her out, and said to myself that I would tack her up and sit on her- if she was lethargic I would hop off. I got on, and she was good. I only did a little walk, trot and canter. After about 15 minutes, I called it good just in case she was fighting a bug. All was fine. She is a mouthy horse, so after we were done (she didn't even break a sweat where the saddle was), she stood in the cross ties and groomed me. She does what I think is cute and what other probably find strange, she starts by muzzling my back, then licks, then muzzles, and licks. It is very sweet. After our quality time was up, I took her back to her stall, and proceeded to clean tack and pick up after myself (I tend to leave a trail!).

I was just about to leave, but I always give both Gram and Z a good night pat. I walked towards her stall and couldn't see her, I look in and she is laying down... Of course my heart begins to skip beats. While she is down, I walk around her petting her- she is looking very alert, like "hi mom I is tired but come on in!" I of course see, "why did you ride me when I was not feeling well just yesterday..." So I listen for gut sounds- there is a lot going on. I think for my benefit she also lifted her tail and passed gas. Again "mom I am fine, look I farted, everything is fine, I is just tired". Still I am nervous, so I get her up. She stands up and yawns and starts looking for treats. I took her temp again and it was normal. She didn't look uncomfortable, just tired. So I left her alone to sleep the night away. No calls this morning, so I am betting she is just a bit under the weather. Still when they cannot talk it is scary.

Ryan Rode Zion- he said he was good, just a bit stiff to his good side (the right). I am excited to see him go on Thursday and hopefully Gram will be feeling good enough to take our lesson.

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