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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feeling the burn

So after a week of trying to keep my left shoulder at my side, I am now to the point where my left side is hurting :) I am viewing this as a good thing, as it means I am finally using the right muscles. I have also been working on sitting up taller and really feeling my stomach muscles working. I have been trying to ride Gram a little deeper and rounder over the last few days. I can tell it is hard work for her, but I am seeing sweat in the right places: along her topline and between the cheeks. Last night it was 74 degrees when I got to the barn at 7:30; Gram was of course very sweaty after our weeknight short workout. I really have been working on mostly me, which is why my blog isn't as up to date as I would like. One of the biggest changes I am trying to make is to stretch more in the morning and before I ride (I am the least flexible person I know!) and during the day at work, I have been making an effort to sit up straight in my aeron chair! It is amazing how my bad daily posture has translated to my riding. I am really trying to get my collective marks to the point where they are at least the same if not higher than Gram's!

Tonight will be my final ride on Gram this week. I asked Jen to ride her while I am in Michigan for the Easter weekend. Good news is that I will not be horseless. I will try to ride Zion applying the same training for myself. Maybe try to give him a couple days of some tough love work. I am excited to see how he is coming along. I will try to get Donnie to take some pictures and videos of the little prince. I am sure this weekend is going to make me wish that I had the time for two ponies!

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