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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Everyone needs an easy day...or two

So I got to the barn last night, and Gram was angry. I had to pull her away from her grain, which is never a good thing to do to a mare. In the cross- ties she spent most of her time pinning her ears back and threatening to kick, which earned her a deep voice "QUIT" a few times, but did little to change her mind about being angry with me. She is a funny mare that requires a bit of love. So once I realized she was very offended by my removal of her from her grain and wasn't forgetting about it any time soon, I moved to her head, held out my hands and she lowered her head into my chest. Like a little kid having a temper tantrum and then running to mommy. We snuggled for a moment and things were much better.

Our ride was actually really good. It was a light day. We did a few leg yields and that was about as tough as it got. Then at the end we worked on the correct answer to the tap of the whip on the hind leg- AKA not mare kicking out at it, but instead taking a step under. It took one mare kick and that was over. Thank goodness! Tonight I am not feeling very motivated, it is cold and rain/snowing. So I may do the same light workout tonight and then she will have Friday off.

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