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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who can pass up a horse related sale?

I cannot decide what I should write about first, my great horse shopping finds or the ride last night... I will start with the ride. Gram was pretty good. She started quiet stiff to the left and ready to fight me when I asked for the bend. She quickly got over this. So I turned the ride into a playful one. I asked for a flying change from the left to right, and she did it clean and nice. Then I asked for the change from the right to the left... not so nice. I couldn't get her to change behind and then she just got frustrated. So we were not able to end on the best note ever. Tonight I will just ride lightly. Basically just riding her deep and round at walk, trot and canter in both directions and call it good.

Yesterday I received some of the fruits of my online shopping labor. Gram has her very own personalized show blankey thanks to a clearance sale at Libertyville Tack Shop... for the normal price of the sheet, I was able to get her name embroidered on the blankey:

I also was able to get a new pair of rubber reins on Tack of the day for 55% off and a new pair of white breeches with a real leather full seat! It was a good week or so of horse shopping. I try not to wait until I need something to buy, because then I will be at the mercy of the store. The way I look at it, my reins are still usable, but will need to be replaced in about 6 months- year. Found then on clearance an bought them. Ok the blanket was just for fun :)

In other exciting news, we are planning on now bringing Zion to Chicago for a bit. He will go into training with Ryan Yap and I will be able to ride him on the weekends. I wish I had the time for the two horses and a job and sleep, but I am glad that I have a wonderful trainer that can assess where Zion is and tell me an honest professional opinion. More to come on his training as well as Gram under Ryan's watchful eye. :)

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