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Monday, March 22, 2010

Such a Shame

So Gram and I clinic-ed with Anke Herbert over the weekend. Saturday was rough... Anke pointed out how sad my position has become since I have been training on my own without mirrors. Her actual quote at dinner was "it is such a shame that you have such a nice horse and slouch". Well that was all it took. Some brutal honesty given in a German accent. Sunday I came out prepared to sit back and keep my left elbow at my side. Thank goodness, I received an other quotable quote "It is like a different rider today".

Now on to the good stuff, the exercises we learned, published here so I do not forget. We have been struggling with our medium trot. Well actually Ryan told us that we are not straight, and the inside hind is out. Regardless of the stretch she gives me in front. So Anke gave us this wonderfully hard exercise, here is me explaining with very rough drawing:

At the trot, make a three loop serpentine adding 10m circles on the rail, before heading straight along the short side. On that short side ask for medium trot for about 3-4 strides, then 10m circle at the other side of arena before changing direction again (just imagine the 10m circle before every straight away because i couldn't get the image to look the same with each direction, as I am a horse rider not a computer wiz!):

This exercise was great to get the engagement of the inside hind, to start the medium in the proper balance. This also helped her to sit down again at after the 3-4 strides of medium, instead of just falling downward.

Next we worked on the canter. A lot of work on the 20m circle, sending her forward and bringing her back. Our biggest problem has been the downward transitions and falling into the downward instead of setting it down. Again it was my fault. I was collapsing my core so Gram was doing the same. I swear young horses ruin positions! You have to help them so much for every transition in the beginning, and then you forget when that is no longer needed. I need to get on a grown up horse to remember how I am supposed to keep my body.

All in all it was a very successful clinic, but I cannot wait for Ryan to get home and scream at me for a few weeks. With some repetition, maybe I will get at least a little closer to the days when Conrad told me I made it look effortless with my seat and transitions... sigh... oh to only be as good as I used to feel! So for the next few weeks here is my homework:

1. SIT TALL, no collapsing my core- now roll my shoulders back
2. LEFT ELBOW DAMMIT! no bend in wrist
3. Heels down

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