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Friday, March 12, 2010

Riding without stirrups

For some reason I ride so much better when I drop my stirrups and it is kind of frustrating. Last night I continued on my week of working on me. Our warm- up routine is really ugly but it seems to be the way she goes the best. I ride her on the buckle and let her do what ever she wants. When I pick up the reins she is ready to go. So this week I have been using the stirrups for the buckle part, because she is still young and I don't want to get right on without stirrups just yet. Oh and I forgot, forgive me as I digress for a moment: I bought a helmet! :)

Back to the point. My leg gets long, I sit on the correct seat bones it feels really wonderful. I wish I could ride without stirrups all the time. I think Gram wishes I could too! So drop my stirrups and it take a couple of minutes, but then we both are able relax. Last night she wanted to be up so I tried to ride her deep and round. We are getting sweat in all the right places, which makes me really happy. Tonight is date night with Donnie, so no Gram. The weekend should be a good one! Massage in the morning at 9am, off to the barn to ride, and then of to watch Paige ride with Tom Poulin. I am skipping St. Patty's because I hate crowds and would rather be with my pony than out drinking. I guess that is a sign that I almost out of my 20's! :(

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