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Monday, May 23, 2011


Finally had a lesson with Ryan yesterday and did it hurt! :)

We showed Ryan all that we have been working on, and overall, he said we have done a good job making progress; but that was at the end of the lesson. The beginning was more like show me your half passes- still not enough crossing, show me your canter- needs to be collected more, show me your transitions- still not perfect... that is why I love training with him!

The main point of everything is that we still need to develop more strength... it just takes time and more exercises. She has gained the understanding of the half halts better, and no longer runs through me, but she still needs to engage her inside hinds more. Even in the canter walk transitions we need to keep the back end under instead of stopping on the front. I knew the canter was slamming down instead of sitting, so now it is on me to get it more consistent. In our lesson, every transition had a different problem, so I feel like it definitely is a strength issue.

In the half pass I need to be mindful especially to the right when she tends to want to lead with her haunches. Basically I got an over all approval from Ryan. Hopefully we can build the strength over the next few months!

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