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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Evil mare is back...

I started to take for granted the fact that I have just had great rides lately... Last night Gramarye brought me back to reality. It started in the cross-ties; nasty ears, and even a kick when I reached her rear end. (Not a trying to actually kick me, but a warning kick under her belly- enough to let me know that the next one won't be so nice). The when I went to brush the other side, she about tried to smush me against the wall. Then I remembered why I loved my geldings! She was fine on Tuesday night, so my guess is that her horse cramps started yesterday... plus there is a lot of mare tension at the barn right now. One mare is about to have a baby- like any day, the other mare is attacking when you walk past her stall, so maybe Gram felt peer pressure to be witchy.

Good new was he had butt foam almost immediately. But bad news is she was ready for a fight. I thought we were just going to have an nice stretching ride, and then be done... but nooooo, she wanted to do nothing at all. So we spent time having an argument about hanging on the reins, the we had an argument about where that left hind should be (I wanted it under, she wanted it dragging behind). I spent the entire ride (45 minutes) working transitions, and then she finally gave to me. So we stretched for 5 minutes and then called it a night- however she was SOAKED! I hope our ride tonight is better!

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