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Monday, July 25, 2011

Delayed posts

Well, I have just been plain bad about the blog lately... Donnie and I are in the process of buying a house, so a lot of my spare time has been spent working on details, inspections, price quotes and etc. I am excited as it is my dream house. I keep telling Donnie that the wait will be worth it, as this is a forever home for us! I will post pictures as soon as it is officially ours!

We have had a heat wave in Chicago over the last week, so I didn't ride at all. In fact we went to the barn every evening just to cold hose the sweaty mare. She handles the heat about as well as I do, so she was happy to have the relief from work and the cold shower before bedtime. I rode her yesterday for the first time in a week. She was pretty good. We seem to have lost our "butt foam", but I am sure I will get it back soon. Half passes are coming a long well. I am still trying to figure out the secret to flying changes, as I have only gotten one clean change out of her recently. I will need Ryan to help us with that! Her canter is getting stronger, and I feel like she is shorter underneath me. I have been getting a couple of good half steps on my own, but she is still very confused about the whole situation. Our sessions normally include, a few reinbacks, grunts and then a small up in the air before she relaxes and tries to "trot in place". I still need to work on her trusting me in that exercise.

I hope to write more again this week, as we do expect some normal summer weather and not 108 with heat index :)

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