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Monday, October 18, 2010

Spanish Gram?

So last week I had a great lesson. Donnie came along and was able to video some of our moments... In preparation for the clinic, we worked our baby half-passes at the trot and canter, medium trots, and then we ended with some half steps work. This is funny because it involved Ryan chasing us around the arena with a whip, which for me is entertaining enough... But Gram could not be topped... She handled the whip like a trooper. She was trying to tuck under behind, but still staying active. Then Ryan took the whip to the front leg to get them a bit more expressive. Well, careful what you ask the big mare! She apparently thinks that she is part PRE... Little does she know her daddy, Hilltop's Giotto is Dutch and her mom was Westphalian with some thoroughbred and then her Granddad Roemer is Westfalian. When Ryan took the whip to her front legs, the lady doth protest too much methinks... take a look:

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