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Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

Work had me driving all over the place again last week. So after my lesson on Tuesday, Ryan rode Gram on Wednesday and Thursday. I did head out to the barn on Saturday morning, with Donnie. Gramarye and I worked on stretching and just relaxing back in the saddle. I was able to get her to do a few Medium trots just for fun! We ended and I gave her a bubble bath... she enjoys this time of year. To warm for a blanket and she can get as dirty as she would like in her paddock! The more I wash her I swear the dirtier she tries to get! We have a new serious boarder at the barn, her name is Heidi. She lived and worked in Wellington for a while, so it is great to have someone of her caliber join our barn family! I am hoping that she will build a client base quickly. She has a giant 5 year old mare too, and she did young riders too! So we already have a lot in common!

Sunday was an exciting day. Donnie stayed home to work, and I dawdled at the barn all day. I love those days. Jen took her baby horse to a keuring so I was able to offer some help with loading baby! :)They are so easy to load at that age! Made me wish that I had Gram in Chicago as a yearling, so I could have done more with her! She is good about every single trailer expect of course the one I have! I will give her that is oddly shaped, but I try to make happy experiences for her. I would like to try again with a short trailer ride next weekend just to get her used to it more! I need to come up with a great treat at the end of the tunnel. My mare is stubborn, but she is also motivated by her belly. The better the treat, the less stubborn she becomes! I am looking forward to a great week of training, to further prepare us for Kathy... I think everyone in the barn is getting a bit nervous about her arrival! I just keep telling myself, she cannot be any more difficult than Conrad...right??!!

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