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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Teaching Flying changes- bane of my existance

I had a great lesson last night. Unfortunately it confirmed my suspicions that flying lead change training problems are my fault... I had that moment when I took my finger and point it back at myself.
I struggled during our last lesson with the teaching of changes. Honestly, I think part of me if just not confident in my abilities as a rider. It is almost like I try to hard and end up blocking the horse and making a real mess, a cross-firing mess of frustration. I have only been able to get one clean change once in a while from each horse and it is when I don't over-think things; "hmm this feel like a great canter, lets ask for a change quick and bam its clean." Now when I prepare, I am going to do a change in this next cross of center line; disaster!

I asked Ryan to hop on Zion last night and try himself. His first couple of attempts were not successful, however Ryan got after ZZ and proceeded to get 4 clean changes out of him (thus my finger pointing at myself!). I am admitting my defeat, and come July ZZ will enter Uncle Ryan's Flying Lead change camp for 1 month. I am hoping that this will get us over the hump.

Gram is a true mare, if she wants to do something for you she will... if she doesn't you will know it quickly. I just have to be patient with her and wait until we find a way that we can both communicate the change. After her rough start this year, she isn't yet strong enough so I am giving the changes a break with her for a while. We did get the chance to show Ryan our working canter pirouettes. I need to focus on not asking for too much haunches and those will be real pirouettes soon. She will also build that strength back up behind, so hopefully that changes come better. I was a little disappointed in her during our lesson. After being fantastic Thursday- Saturday, she got Sunday off. We really got into an argument about the half halt on Monday and the results showed on Tuesday. She was tired and not as willing as she had been last week.

Both horses will have today off, but then get two solid training session in Thursday and Friday. I am hopeful that our next lesson will show that we did our homework. I am hoping to get some updated pictures and videos up shortly.

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