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Monday, January 10, 2011

The unforgiving mare- grunt

As my last post stated, I changed bits only to change back after just a few days. Saturday I gave the expensive KK French snaffle one more try, and Sunday I was back to my cheapo Korsteel loose ring... Well, Gram had not forgotten my infraction. Saturday was no ride to write home about. I had hoped that I would have better luck on Sunday after the bit change. Which leads me to my topic of the day; why are mares so unforgiving??? I think I have managed to set things back at least two weeks, for attempting to change the bit. At first, Gram seemed to approve of the bit change, and then I asked for downward transition and she tossed her head like a crazy horse. It took a while for us to come to an understanding again, and let me tell you she is a vocal horse! She grunts, moans and squeaks until she finally gives a disapproving snort like a dragon or passes gas followed by a large steaming pile. From on top of her back, I must admit it is kind of amusing. She makes an "erp, erp, erp" noise, then an "arrrrrrhhhhhh" then the dragon snort, which of course requires a stop (either in a dramatic show of her protest or a simple coordination challenge- personally I think she has a flare for the dramatic). Her mom used to humm when happy... Gram does it mostly when she is either working really hard or tired.

If she were a human she would be that girl that always said exactly what was on her mind, no matter who was around, or who she might offend. She would be the girl that would be fun to be around in moderation, but would make it very difficult to stand her as a best friend. I digress...

Someone in the tack room said it best this weekend: "A gelding will give you 80% 100% of the time and a mare will give you 100% 80% of the time." I couldn't agree with her more! When Gram wants to please, she is an overachiever, but when she is upset, me and the rest of the barn know it! We had a few mini meltdowns when she would try to run through my half halt. But once we got over that hump, things got better, but it was still obvious that she had not yet forgiven me. Hopefully, this week's training sessions will be better... Otherwise I might have Ryan sit on her to remind her how hard her life could be without me!

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