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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cow Mare

Last night Gram was a COW... I left my riding boots and helmet back in Michigan after giving baby Zion a tune up.  Gram is a mare and made it obvious that she felt neglected. Honestly, it felt like I was riding a 4 year old all over again.  She was behind my leg, swung her rear end at me every time I put my leg on, and was just not feeling me sitting on her back last night... I had planned on just sitting on her for a few minutes, since I am still battling the worst cold I have ever had!  I knew I was in trouble, when I started to trot and she started tossing her head.  The head toss if Gram's middle finger.  I pushed her through the head toss, only to ask for canter and get a squeal... The squeal is the worst mare noise out there, and it means that you are being punished, big time! I continued to ask for canter after the squeal and got a fast trot, head shaking, kick out and buck finally landing us in a behind the leg canter.  Not very classy- thus the cow mare title! Many cow kicks, and a nose bleed later (my nose of course), I finally had a somewhat in front of my leg mare, and I think she had almost forgiven me for leaving her... little does she know next week is Christmas and I will be gone even more! I figure December is a bit of a wash, with the holidays, cold weather and adjusting to it getting pitch black at 4:00. Hopefully, my post tomorrow won't be a COW MARE part two!

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