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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Locking Left side

My lesson last night was great! It was so hot and gross that when I arrived to the barn Gram was both covered in dirt and sweaty from just standing in the cross ties! Yuck. Needless to say, the dirt turned into mud when mixed with the sweat, so she was just gross. Ryan had us work on trying to lift Gram's shoulders while working on me to not lock up especially my left side. We did more renvers than ever before, but eventually we were able to get in a couple really good trot half passes. Gram is still not strong enough to really push under herself in the canter, so the idea of pushing her haunches to the outside on a 20m circle will help her to train those hind legs. Since I struggle with my own body to the left, I think I have made this her weaker side. When I ask for a haunches out to the left, Gram tend to cross with her front legs- which is bad. I need to work on my own position to not hold the right side. Instead I have to really use my right leg at the girth, and left leg back and on; with the reins, I have to encourage her to stay traveling straight in the front. Seems easy right? ha!

At the end of my lesson, Ryan really broke things down for me. The exercises he had us doing were just as much for me as they were for Gram. I vented to him my frustrations, that I knew what he was asking me to do, I just couldn't get my left side to do what I wanted fast enough. I think I will try to ride without stirrups tonight to help loosen things up.

I almost forgot- My wonderful husband made a play list of the Lamplight rides:

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