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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun days

So after our intense training this past weekend with Ryan, Monday was a day of rest and Tuesday was a fun day. Donnie and I are leaving for our annual friend vacation tomorrow, so the week will be relaxing for all of us. Last night we went out to the barn, and just started with some work on the buckle. We galloped around a little, but she was very cautious not to get too crazy. At this point I cannot wait for the weather to break, so that we can practice going outside. I am excited to pack up our silly looking trailer and take her around to experience new places and get use to being a real show horse.

Last night we ended with some really good stretching and tried to work our baby walk turns on the haunches. We have got a good baby turn to the right, but the left is a mess. She tried to turn on the forehand and we end up with four legs operating independently... I am hopeful that one day we will figure this out. the rest of the week for Gram is going to be somewhat fun. I asked Jen to work her while I am gone, and then Friday she has a free jump lesson with Jen and Mara. Gram is a good jumper, I am the wuss. I wish I could be there to watch, but I will instead me on the beach in Mexico with a umbrella drink in my hand! Back to serious training next week.

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  1. We can send Gram some pics of us on the beach ;). Can't wait to sit on the beach and have many many coronas with ya!